Bathroom Remodel Jamaica Plain, MA

Bathroom remodel with custom tiling, flooring, carpentry, and new appliances.

Bathroom Remodel Jamaica Plain, MA
Jamaica Plain, MA
Surface Area
Bathroom Remodeling

About the project

This project included the upstairs bathroom remodel to a full home renovation in Jamaica Plain, MA. We needed to make this bathroom special from the rest of the home. It needed to live up to the new modern aesthetic of the home, and bring comfort to anyone stepping inside. We needed to:

  1. Source the right appliances, and tiling/flooring.
  2. Utilize the natural light from the sky lights.
  3. Design a bath and shower for two unique bathing experiences.

What was included in the project?

Once the project was fully planned out our crew got to work. The team:

  • Installed the plumbing and electricity, and connected it to the rest of the house.
  • Installed the flooring and tiling.
  • Installed in wall shelving for added depth.
  • Installed a custom built shower with beautiful tiling to match the floor and remainder of the room.
  • Painted the walls in an off white/green. Giving nice contrast to the black and white accents in the room.
  • Installed the sink, toilet, and bath.

This bathroom remodel stretched our creativity, making it one of the most enjoyable builds of the home remodel. We finished this bathroom remodel in 3 weeks time.

Bathroom remodel Jamaica Plain, MA

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