Bedroom Closet Renovation Jamaica Plain, MA

Bedroom closet addition for the master bedroom of a home remodel.

Bedroom Closet Renovation Jamaica Plain, MA
Jamaica Plain, MA
Surface Area

About the project

This addition is part of the Jamaica Plain, MA home remodel we are constructing. This is the master bedroom. Previously the room had no closet space other than a small closet in the corner of the room. The homeowner wanted:

  1. A walk in closet.
  2. Shelving for shoes and other clothing items.
  3. Wall space to hang their clothes.

What was included in the project?

Once we saw the room it was clear that the closet needed to be in the slant of the room. We constructed:

  • Two separate walk in entrances with sliding doors.
  • A beam extending across the height of the doors to hang clothes.
  • 3 rows of shelving extending through the closet.

The depth of the closet provides all the space the homeowners needs. From what they previously had, It is quite the upgrade that we are happy to see!

Bedroom closet renovation Jamaica Plain, MA

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