Kitchen Remodel Jamaica Plain, MA

Kitchen remodel with new design, appliances, cabinetry, tiling, and painting.

Kitchen Remodel Jamaica Plain, MA
Jamaica Plain, MA
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Kitchen Remodeling

About the project

This kitchen remodel was one of many pieces to a complete home remodel in Jamaica Plain, MA. The previous kitchen was outdated, needed new appliances, and a modern touch. After consultation with the homeowner we discovered they wanted a kitchen big enough to entertain guests and cook for a medium sized family. Planning the kitchen layout was a well thought out process. We:

  1. Designed the kitchen to flow seemlessly from meal preparation to drink preperation.
  2. Sourced modern and high quality appliances and lighting.
  3. Planned the plumbing and electricity around the placement of the appliances and lighting.
  4. Sourced several granite and tile options.
  5. Selected the right paint to compliment the rest of the kitchen.

What was included in the project?

After preparation it was time to turn the vision into a kitchen masterpiece. We:

  • Positioned a granite island countertop with a gas stove in the center of the kitchen. As the meal prep should always be front and center.
  • Installed cabinetry below the front of island and installed a dual oven system in the back.
  • Installed a see through fridge with shelving to it's side.
  • Installed a brand new sink top with new tiling for needed aesthetic.
  • Installed a back room wine fridge and cocktail bar with additional cabinetry to the side.

The pictures seen are what's been done in only a few weeks time. Soon we'll be able to present the final results, and allow the homeowner to bring life to their new kitchen!

Kitchen remodel Jamaica Plain, MA

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