Outside Staircase Installation Jamaica Plain, MA

Outside stair system connecting the upstairs porch to the backyard patio.

Outside Staircase Installation Jamaica Plain, MA
Jamaica Plain, MA
Surface Area

About the project

This is the outside renovation of the Jamaica Plain, MA home we are renovating. The project is still under construction, as we need to stain and paint the staircase. The homeowner needed a stair system to connect their bottom floor to the third floor screened porch.

Their kitchen is on the third floor, and we wanted to give them the experience of easily taking their food outside on nice weather days.

What was included in the project?

We first had to build a foundation under the porch that would create structure and support for the remainder of the stair system. We then:

  • Built support beams on the side of the house that connected the stairs to the outside of the home.
  • Built a wrap around section of the stairs to over look the back yard.

This home was built 30 years ago, and has shown it's age. It's been extremely fulfilling to create a new living experience for these homeowners, and we can't wait to put on the finishing touches!

Outside staircase installation Jamaica Plain, MA

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