Roof Installation Melrose, MA

Driftwood shingle roof replacement.

Roof Installation Melrose, MA
Melrose, MA
Surface Area

About the project

When the owners of this Melrose property purchased the home the roof was in pretty rough shape. The shingles were worn, algae and mold had grown, and the gutters needed to be replaced. After further consultation with the owners, we came to the conclusion a roof replacement was needed.

What was included in the project?

The owners wanted a shingle color that stuck out from the traditional grey/black asphalt shingle. We reviewed a few options over with them and decided on the driftwood colored asphalt shingle. From here our crew:

  • Stripped the old roof.
  • Installed the new driftwood colored shingles.
  • Replaced a few pieces of broken fascia and soffit.
  • Replaced the gutter system for better drainage.

It's safe to say, the owner of the home was very pleased with the result that came out.

Roof installation Melrose, MA

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